Version 1.22

  • Bug fix for reading metadata tags from MP4 files.


Version 1.21

  • Bug fix for the tag filtering, where the ID tag contains more than one custom metadata value.


Version 1.20

  • Ancilliary files are only copied when the target folder contains audio files.


Version 1.19

  • Source files can now be filtered for conversion based on metadata/tag information.


Version 1.18

  • Custom folder and file naming conventions are now possible, based on ID tag metadata in the source files.
  • Fixed issue reading OGG tags larger than 100kB.
  • More error and debug logging added.


Version 1.11

  • Bug fix for an issue with folder filters.
  • The folder browser now remembers the last chosen source and destination folders (for easier/quicker configuration).
  • "Check for updates" functionality added, which can be used to manually or automatically check for new versions of the software.
  • Simple internal audio converter added for users that don't need all of the features (codecs and DSP's) offered by dBpoweramp Music Converter (see feature comparison).


Version 1.10

  • The application now deletes destination files if the source is no longer available, or it doesn’t match the filter criteria, which completes the synchronization process.
  • The ability to start the executable with a parameter, which allows different configuration profiles to be used.
  • A “supported extension chooser” has been added to the filter settings.


Version 1.08

  • Modification date and time is now set after conversion, for cases where destination files are written to a server or NAS share which has a different system time to the computer where Music Replicator is running.
  • Extra logging messages have been added.
  • Bug fix for retrying error jobs with extra long file names (longer than 260 chars).
  • The licensing method has changed (a new registration key is required).

Version 1.07

  • 88.2, 176.4, 352.8 and 384kHz have been added to the sample rate filter.
  • A directory filter has been added to allow/disallow sub-folders.
  • Bug fix for files in the root of the watch folder (these were not picked-up in version 1.06).
  • Support for the new “No conversion” codec (this codec requires version 1.07 of Music Replicator).

Version 1.06

  • It is now possible to filter source files, based on allowed extensions, sample rate, bit depth, number of channels and modification date.
  • Ancilliary files (like .jpg and .m3u) can be copied across to the destination folder.
  • There is an option to configure a logfile folder and set the logging level.
  • The folder selection window has been improved on Windows Vista, 7 and 8.
  • Source filenames longer than 260 characters can be processed.
  • A small countdown progress bar has been added to show the replication status.
  • A bug fix for the DSP settings popup window (32/64 bit error was shown incorrectly when pressing cancel).